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Liminal State of Rebellion

Liminal State of Rebellion

What is a liminal state? It is the in-between time, the transition from one state to another, and the space between.

Liminal states are the thing between an inhale and an exhale. You feel the pause, the holding, and aren't sure what could happen next. 

This concept has been on my mind for awhile now, after reading "Dark Nights Of The Soul" by Thomas Moore but even more heavily since Covid has continued on longer than most any of us thought it would. Certainly longer than I thought it would. 

So many of us are staying at home more, closing our circles of family or friends, and reducing our time outside of the house. 

This time has come to feel like a cocoon to me. I am wrapping myself up in my home, my small family, and a blanket of time. Time to reflect, to grow, to learn, and to wonder about what is important or vital to me. Time to be curious about what I may do differently in the after, if there becomes one.

This waiting period, this liminal state, is also wearing on me. I want to emerge from my cocoon and reengage in the world.

As many others have, our family moved to a new home and a new town during the last year. I want to spend time getting to know this new place, but through Covid lockdowns, season changes, and the masks blocking friendly faces, it has limited this ability. 

So we wait. We wait to meet, engage, and explore outside of nature and our house. We cocoon ourselves in time, trusting that there will be more of it and that the world will be there when we emerge.

Trusting too, in our own needs and desires. In this universal time to reset and look inwards, preparing to look out again some day and see what is there. 

Wrap yourself up with a cozy candle, a sweatshirt, and time, Happy Rebels. We will be here while you do. 

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