What is Happy Rebel?

Happy Rebel exists to:

  • To fully embody just how incredibly connected we all are, even as we each make our individual mark in the world.
  • Make you feel things and see things a little differently.
  • To change perspectives. Everything in life should– and does– have a deeper meaning. So dive in.
  • To be a place where you can know that your individuality is accepted.

Definition of a Happy Rebel

A Happy Rebel embraces the dark and the light in life and in themselves. They are passionate about adding more to the world and lifting others up. Happy Rebels recognize that one way to lift others up is to feel good about yourself, doing so by embracing positive messaging in the products we use or wear everyday.

A Happy Rebel is someone who seeks out their own style, who selects special pieces to complement their wardrobe and way of life. A Happy Rebel takes pride in having items that don’t look or feel cookie-cutter.

Happy Rebel Brand Promise

At Happy Rebel, we will always strive to deliver on our brand promise by following these guidelines:


Every purchase you make is known, thanked, and sent off with an intentional ceremony. Each item in our store was created with a deeper meaning and a higher purpose. It is our hope that Happy Rebel customers simply feel this as love and connection, no matter your beliefs or background.


Our products and services are as uncommon as we all are. This is not ‘unique,’ because we sell more than one but when we create or source a new item, we search high and low to make sure our item stands on its own, before adding to our store. 

Light & Dark

We embrace the light AND the dark. A Happy Rebel can wear all black but you don’t have to, to be a Happy Rebel. It’s the skull AND the sun, Happy Rebel style isn’t just one thing.

Not “Stuff”

We don’t add an item to our store unless we know how it will add to someone's life, their wardrobe, or their home. Just because we can sell it doesn’t mean we should. 


Nordstrom set an industry standard with their customer service and while the customer may not always ‘actually’ be right, we strive to do what is right, while still protecting the integrity of the company. This means that we will be accountable for our mistakes, our products, and our behavior but we will act and respond reasonably to reasonable requests.


About the Owner

Happy Rebel is owned, operated, and everything'ed by Kelly Ann. If you are someone who has always seen yourself just on the edge of things, you and Kelly Ann already have something in common. Kelly Ann is a former marketer, current student of psychology, entrepreneurship, sacred ritual, and life in general. 

She loves to read, learn, and connect. She loves nature, yoga, her family, and shoes. She is a conundrum, probably just like you. She... is me.

Thank you for stopping by!