What is Happy Rebel?

Happy Rebel is a seasonal, lifestyle product brand, where we curate items for our community of Happy Rebels. 

Learn more about Kelly, the owner and head Happy Rebel.

Definition of a Happy Rebel

A Happy Rebel embraces the dark and the light in life. They are passionate about adding more to the world and lifting others up and Happy Rebels recognize that one way to lift others up is to feel good about yourself, by embracing positive messaging in the products we use or wear everyday.

A Happy Rebel is someone who seeks out the alternative, who likes classic styles and selects pieces to complement their style in life. A Happy Rebel takes pride in having items that don’t look or feel cookie-cutter.

Happy Rebel Brand Promise

At Happy Rebel, we will always strive to deliver on our brand promise by following these guidelines:


  • Our products are as uncommon as we all are. This is not ‘unique,’ because we sell more than one but when we create or source a new item, we search high and low before adding to our store. 
  • Every item must have an edgy and modern twist. It doesn’t go in our store unless is passes the Happy Rebel test of our Brand Promise. 

Affordable Luxury

  • Quality products, meant to last through the seasons. 
  • Prices that reflect the quality of the item.

Light & Dark

  • We embrace the light AND the dark. A Happy Rebel can wear all black but you don’t have to, to be a Happy Rebel.
  • It’s the skull AND the sun, Happy Rebel style isn’t just one thing but it does have an ‘edge’ to it. 

Not “Stuff”

  • We don’t add an item to our store unless we know how it will add to someone's life, their wardrobe, or their home.
  • Just because we can sell it doesn’t mean we should. 

Community Good

  • Nordstrom set an industry standard with their customer service and while the customer may not always ‘actually’ be right, we strive to do what is right, while still protecting the integrity of the company. 
  • This means that we will be accountable for our mistakes, our products, and our behavior but we will act and respond reasonably to reasonable requests.


  • Our model is simple; seasonal items of curated, quality products. 
  • No gimmicks or flash sales. We will occasionally discount items that have been in stock for longer than we would like, but we do not participate in industry-standard sale days.