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Happily Embracing "Mistakes"

Happily Embracing "Mistakes"

Last week, I found out that I had made an oversight. A mistake. And immediately started beating myself up for it. 

Why didn't I take this precaution or that? How could I have possibly let this happen? On and on...

And then I stopped. I stopped and thought–is this REALLY that big of a deal? Really?! And the answer that came to me was, "no." 

Huh. Is it really possible that my mistake, oversight, blunder, my oopsy... is it really possible for me to let that go, shrug my shoulders, and just keep moving forward?


Don't get me wrong, there was a lesson to learn in there. That lesson was that a little bit more checking and taking things a little more slowly would have resulted in a different outcome, possibly even preventing the mistake. 

Next time I will bring this occasion up in my memory, not as a shame-filled way to beat myself up and feel bad, but as a learning experience. Because we can teach ourselves to do differently, without the teaching that we can't trust ourselves to do things "right." 

So, what was this mistake? Well, our new Happy Rebel Dark candle

Here's the deal: when working with my candle maker, they informed me that they weren't able to order the same jars that we used for the Light candle. What?! Major bummer. I just had to have a perfectly matching set! 

So I took it on like a part-time job, tracking down the jar manufacturer, a glass painting company, and after an entire month of searching for what I believed was the exact jar, I gleefully ordered a sample run and had the completed jars sent off to be poured. 

They arrived to my house/shipping facility a few weeks later and after the initial glee that comes when seeing a product you've envisioned come to life, I realized that these jars were indeed a slightly different size that my Light jars. 

By .5 ounces and less than one-quarter of an inch. Seriously, that's the difference! 

As soon as I was able to take a deep breath and let go of my critical mindset, I laughed.

.5 oz was NOT going to ruin my pure joy at seeing this new product, my vision, come to life. 

What mistakes can you let go of today, Happy Rebels? 

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