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Can you embrace it all?

“The place where light and dark begin to touch is where miracles arise.”

- Robert A. Johnson, from Owning Your Own Shadow

Every morning, I light my own Light and Dark candles to symbolize the places where I may be hiding things from my own self and the places where I shine a light in the world and within myself.

I light the candles, I journal, and I wait quietly to see what I receive for that moment. Sometimes it is a word or another page of wisdom from my highest Self, other times it is a feeling or sensation, and still other times (like this morning) that moment of inner focus is taken over by my to-do list and anxiety. I tried to breath through it today… I really did. Until I couldn’t and I got up, met up with friends for coffee (maybe not so great for the anxiety) and started my day from there.

Maybe tomorrow will be better for slow focus and contemplation. Maybe, but maybe not. I’ll let you know when tomorrow comes.

For now, just embrace it all Happy Rebel, the dark and the light.

-Kelly Ann

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