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  • Happy Rebel fragrance oils and crystal skull necklace
  • Happy Rebel light and dark fragrance oil with crystal skull
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Happy Rebel

Crystal Skull Necklace & Fragrance Oil Set

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The crystal skull adds an edge to this aromatherapy accessory. To create some calm in your day, each holds a small amount of perfume or essential oils. This custom necklace comes in a choice of Howlite, Rose Quartz, or Obsidian.

Happy Rebel Fragrance & Body Oil Set includes a bottle of Light, Dark, and a single crystal skull necklace. Choose Howlite for calming, Rose Quartz for heart opening, and Obsidian for protection and energy clearing. 

These fragrance and body oils are skin-safe and a great way to show off your mood for that day- whether you're feeling more 'happy' or 'rebel.'

  • Light: Light notes of fruit, tropics, sunshine, and gentle floral.
  • Dark: Masculine notes of bourbon, cedar, and absinthe.