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Jam Packed with Love, Happy Rebels

happy rebel shipments with a gold blanket and artwork in the background

Since the beginning, Happy Rebel shipments have been proudly packed in the home of the owner(s), always making sure to take care and pack our boxes with gratitude and care. That is, until the pandemic. 

I've got to admit my hesitancy in sharing this with you Happy Rebels, because it's always been a point of pride that each purchase gets my seal of approval, and it's hard to say that there was a short period of time that this wasn't the case. 

Last March when the Covid-19 pandemic began, most of us thought it would be short-lived and we'd be back to normal in a few weeks or months. So as the days and weeks drew on and I was managing a full-time job, a small business, and distance learning turned into a summer of full-time parenting in the midst of selling a house and then moving (just an hour away, luckily not across country), I knew something had to give.

So I diligently researched all of the local-to-me, smaller scale shipping companies, selecting one that treated me respectfully, even with our small scale, and handed our products over. They were wonderful, for the most part, and I cried when I left their facility hoping that they would see how much I loved each and every item, treating them with the same love I did. 

And they did, mostly. But after one or two shipping issues, and after we were settled in to our new home, I pulled the cord on that 4-month long experiment and brought everything Happy Rebel back "home." 

Even my 10-year old was excited to hear the news!

Once again, as my husband and I unloaded all of the boxes, I cried. Cried at the relief I felt at being able to send each package with love, ensuring that my energy and intention would be shipped out with our products. 

So now you know Happy Rebels, there was a short time when I didn't close the seal of every box, and that time is over. The future may bring another change about, but for now, everything from Happy Rebel is absolutely jam-packed with love! 

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