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Does What You Wear Affect Your Mood?

Does What You Wear Affect Your Mood?

Dressing well and feeling good, definitely seem to go hand in hand for me. I know that when I wake up, throw on my clothes from yesterday, and run out the door, I feel frumpy and slumpy. When I look at my closet and choose an outfit with intention, I feel more capable and powerful. 

What you choose to wear can actually have a powerful influence on how you feel throughout your day. Honestly, I wish that wearing sweatsuits all day gave me the same energy as a cute dress or even a pair of well-fitting jeans, but it just doesn't!

Lets start with the basics: comfort. Weve all had those days where weve put on something that looks great but feels terrible. You know the feeling youre constantly tugging and adjusting, and you cant seem to get comfortable. Thats because when youre uncomfortable in your clothes, its hard to feel relaxed and confident. On the other hand, when you wear something that fits well and is comfortable, youre more likely to feel good about yourself and your day.

The colors of your clothes can also have an effect on your mood. Studies have shown that colors can have a powerful psychological impact. Wearing bright colors can make you feel energized while wearing soft colors can help you feel calmer and more relaxed. So if youre feeling sluggish, try wearing something bright and cheerful. On the other hand, if youre feeling stressed, try wearing something soft and soothing.

The style of clothing you choose can also influence your mood. If youre wearing something stylish, youre likely to feel more confident and powerful. On the other hand, if youre wearing something that doesn't fit your style or preferences, you're more likely to go through your day feeling dull and without the natural shine you bring to the world.

Finally, the sentiment behind your clothing can have an effect on your mood. For example, if youre wearing a shirt with a message thats positive and inspiring, it can help lift your spirits and make you feel better about yourself. On the other hand, if youre wearing something depressing or negative, it can bring down your mood

This last reason is exactly why we've created a few clothing items here at Happy Rebel. We wanted to bring a few special, comfortable, and stylish pieces into the world that could help improve your mood and attitude as you walk through the world. 

As you can see, what you wear can have a powerful impact on your mood. So the next time you get dressed, take a few moments to consider how your clothing choices might affect your day. Choose clothes that make you feel comfortable, confident, and positive. 

Check out our sweatshirts, hats, and tank tops, if you're looking to add a little clothing-based mood boost!

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