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Happy Rebel

Plan, Manifest, Grow

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If you have ever reminisced on dreams and goals that have gone unfulfilled, you are not alone. So many of us have ideas of things that could improve our lives or help us become our fullest versions of ourselves, but it's hard to make that happen without a plan. Without writing those goals and ideas on paper and sending that out into the universe... with some tangible action steps to help bring them to life.

This course will walk you through the process of creating a Manifest and Grow Plan, using a powerful tool that we've created to help you simplify the process. Both the course and the accompanying tools will help you get your visions and dreams out of your head and onto paper. Using this simple process and tool, you’ll answer eight questions to crystallize your dream life and how you will get there. 

Plan, Manifest Grow is a self-led, online course that includes:

  • 11 modules with steps & actions to complete, including planning out your vision for life, establishing core life principles, and identifying actions you can take in the next year & 90 days to move closer to the goals and dreams for your life;
  • A full-color, high-quality, 48-page workbook, designed to take you through an entire year of growth (which will be printed and mailed to you after your purchase);
  • 3.5 hours of videos, walking you through the process step-by-step;
  • and suggested practices to help you complete the Manifest and Grow Plan.

You will have immediate access to the online coursework and can begin at any time. The Plan, Manifest, Grow course will take approximately 8 hours to complete all the material. 

Buy this course once and have access to it for the future, including updates.