Why Happy Rebel ended subscriptions and what we're doing in the future.

Why Happy Rebel ended subscriptions and what we're doing in the future.


How? Well, let me start off by saying this: one of the reasons Happy Rebel is no longer a subscription box company is that I have deep concerns about this idea of "retail value of $," which means that prices of items are sometimes inflated to bump up the value of a box. Honestly, this has happened in our box and happens in all other boxes, it's kind of the business expectation.

I only curated one quarterly Happy Rebel box (our Winter 2019 Grateful Rebel collection) but realized immediately that I had to stop doing them, in part, because I wanted to be honest about this. Happy Rebel will no longer be a company where we pretend that things have a really high sticker price but then we do deep discounts to actually be able to sell them. Hopefully, this means that you'll come to trust us a brand that gives you what you pay for.

Growing up, my parents owned a home goods store in our small town. This was the place that everyone in the few surrounding towns went to buy appliances, furniture, lawn & garden equipment, and a few other things. My parents were proud to say that we didn't negotiate on pricing because everything already had our "good, everyday price." It might be a Pollyanna attitude to think that things should be priced fairly from the beginning, but hey, I've always been an optimist. It's the reason I love the 'happy' in Happy Rebel. 


We all have budgets that we're trying to stick within and I'm no exception- but Happy Rebel is also on a mission to sell quality items. The idea is that Happy Rebel prices will reflect their actual value. 

As a company, we will carefully source uncommon products and work with reputable companies to bring our design visions to life. If we take delivery of completed items and find that the quality doesn't reflect our intended price, we will adjust accordingly. 

The Future!

I'm super excited that the clothing, jewelry, and accessory items in production right now all have the quality, edgy, affordable luxury feel you've come to expect from Happy Rebel- and I hope you'll see how their pricing reflects this new model once they're ready and available. You'll see these new items in our store, beginning in March 2020 and beyond!

Our prices have been updated on the website to reflect this strategy, not as a sale but as the way we're doing things in the future. These are the prices that I believe reflect Happy Rebel's new values and the item values.

Thanks everyone. Rebel on!



  • amber bonnett

    Fantastic! Looking forward to it.

  • Kimberly S

    Thanks for your honesty. I love what you curate so I can’t wait to see the items in your store in March. Plus there were so many things that I wanted to just buy that this is perfect!

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