What makes Happy Rebel different?

What makes Happy Rebel different?

Happy Rebel is a collection for those who care about quality over quantity. This isn’t your box for someone who simply wants more ‘stuff’- we're here for someone who wants carefully curated pieces to supplement a kick-ass life. 

Our commitment to quality. 

Every item in our store is sampled and carefully considered before we create, assuring our community gets high-quality products that we would use ourselves. 

Product sourcing.

We search high and low for inspiration during our creation process and we seek out partners who are working with ethical processes and seek to reduce our ecological footprint.

Curation with care. 

Each and every item that goes into our store must tick these boxes:

  • Encite an “ooh” or “ahh” when first seen. We must love the product if our community will.
  • Be modern, edgy, and not just 'stuff.'

The brand. 

Items are hand-picked and based around our very specific brand standards. In fact, we refuse to budge from those standards. Want to know more about the Happy Rebel brand? Find our brand standards here

Want to know more about Happy Rebel? Have a product or theme suggestion? Reach out to us at gethappy@happyrebel.com. We’d love to chat!

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