Rebel-Approved Modern Decor

Rebel-Approved Modern Decor

Your home says a lot about who you are and what matters to you.

The Happy Rebel style typically aligns with simplicity and boldness. We love pieces that make a statement, are a bit unconventional, and are just neutral enough to fit into a variety of decor schemes. Modern decor comes in many styles, and we’re inspired by a lot of different looks: bold, minimalist, edgy, neutral…

Having a neutral home might sound sterile and plain, but adding textures and various materials can soften the look and create an inviting, cozy, appealing space.


A few things that we love when it comes to home decor:

Angular design and geometric patterns.

Utilize angular design and geometric patterns to add visual interest to a room. Angular design is often simple and beautiful, allowing it to be a versatile statement piece. Our favorite angular pieces are bookshelves, coffee tables, and floating shelves. The steep angles associated with linear design work well with geometric patterns, where your options are virtually endless. You can incorporate geometric patterns in so many ways: Throw pillows, blankets, wall hangings, bookshelf decor, lamp shades, rugs… Don’t be afraid to step a little out of your comfort zone here!


Geometric Pendant Light Gold Brass Modern Decor
Geo pendant = excellent angles!

Metal and marble.

Believe it or not, metal can fit just about any modern decor style — from rustic to minimalist to lush. We love metal accents, like for bookshelves or end tables, and metal table legs. You can even mix metals, like brushed silver and gold, brass, and chrome. If you’re not sure where to start, you can use iron as a base metal and add the other metallics as accents. Metal looks great when combined with marble, too. Our faves are marble-based lamps, marble-topped tables (with metal legs), and marble and metallic coasters.


Marble Coffee Table Charcoal Couch Grey Blush Home Modern Decor
Coffee table on point.

Matte finishes.

As you start to incorporate more variety into your decor, look for matte finishes — these tend to fit well with edgy, happy-rebel approved decor. Matte appliances, matte painted kitchen cupboards, or matte decor also add textual variation to your home.


Home Decor Modern Matte Black Herringbone Tile Bathroom
Matte Bathroom = Love!

Pops of color.

A monochromatic room full of different textures and finishes is anything but boring, but sometimes you’re feeling a pop of color. Here’s what’s on our list: striking emerald greens, rich moody blues, and deep wine hues.


Home Decor Modern Emerald Green Velvet Bedroom Quilt
Pop of emerald.

Shiny, not sparkly.

We love glam without glitter. Every room needs its jewelry, too, and big chunky acrylic pieces add shine without being too ostentatious. Consider mirrored surfaces and extra reflective lighting pieces — these provide great opportunities to up the glam factor in your home. The metallic pieces you already have incorporated are the perfect pairing for your modern decor plans.


Home Decor Modern Acrylic Dining Room
Acrylic Chairs = Happy Rebel Approved

Overall, a happy rebel’s home is the happiest when you love your space.

Incorporate the things you love and leave out the things you don’t. Neutrals are timeless and work so well together, and we love seeing how people utilize texture and bits of color to personalize their home.

Be sure to check out more inspiration on our HOME Pinterest board!


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