Happy Rebel v2.0

Happy Rebel v2.0

Happy Rebel started in 2015 as a subscription box business, designed to fill a niche of edgy, modern products curated and boxed up just for subscribers. 5 years later, the company is taking a new risk and stepping outside that box, pun intended. 

Change can be hard and we know that, but we're confident people will grow to love this new version of Happy Rebel or that we'll gain a new following of Happy Rebels who weren't interested in a subscription service.

For those who knew Happy Rebel v1.0, I want to say thank you, whether you were a subscriber for one box or since the very beginning of Happy Rebel (long before I took over as owner), or even those who just watched the company grow from the sidelines. 

Truly, your support means a lot to me because you put a lot of trust in us to find great products for you for the entire year. Happy Rebel will still have great products, we'll now focus mostly on our own products, individually or in collections. 

When I discovered the Happy Rebel brand, I knew that it could be more than a subscription box company- that just selling other people's products weren't fulfilling the potential of what Happy Rebel could be. I see Happy Rebel as a mindset, a lifestyle, and a community. When I describe the company to friends, they all say, "Wow, I want a Happy Rebel everything- hats, shirts, jewelry, whatever!"
I want everything people buy from us to be their choice and their selection to purchase- no quarterly skips and no more frustration at some of the items in the box. There are probably business advantages to keeping the subscriptions, but I am deciding to take a risk and forge a different path. Some of you may never purchase from us as a non-subscription company and that's ok. We're Happy Rebel- we're not for everyone. 
In 2020 and beyond, you'll see some new, limited-run Happy Rebel clothing items, jewelry, and more. Our new company theme is "Embrace the Dark and the Light." This theme is based on our sun and skull logo- thinking of the balance of happy/sad and good/bad in life. Happy Rebel won't be just edgy anymore, we'll also be happy. We are also launching a podcast to share Happy Rebel stories, starting with people in my circle and (hopefully) eventually featuring some of you- our customers and community!
Thanks Happy Rebels!

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