5 Ways to be Edgy Without Scaring Your Mom

5 Ways to be Edgy Without Scaring Your Mom

If you show up at your parents’ house with a black leather jacket, black ripped skinny jeans, and spikes on the neck of your t-shirt, your mom might be a little startled. But an edgy wardrobe doesn’t have to be quite that extreme — there are plenty of ways you adapt this style without scaring your mom.

People take on an edgier style for many reasons — who knows, you might even be a Happy Rebel without even knowing it! Perhaps you are a minimalist who appreciates neutrals because they’re easy to mix and match. Or you might prefer darker colors because they simply look good on you. Or you like buying fewer pieces of higher quality, thus leaning toward this style because it works well with a small wardrobe. Maybe it is your way of standing out in a crowd. Whatever the motivation, adding some of our Happy Rebel gear and a little bit of an edgy touch to your wardrobe just makes you happy. We understand and curate each product just for women like you! You like what you like and you don’t need to explain yourself.

No matter why you’re doing it, here are a few tips:

1. Swap out bright patterns for neutrals.

A lot of happy rebels might incorporate a bit of color in their outfits here and there, but for the most part it’s a whole lotta neutrals. Black, gray, tan, and white are the primary colors we visualize when we think of an edgy outfit or wardrobe. Neutrals work really well if you’re trying to minimize your wardrobe, overcome decision fatigue, or shift to an edgier style.

Edgy outfit

2. Texture matters.

When you start wearing a lot of neutrals, different textures add variation to your outfits. Distressed jeans, shirts with a lace or fishnet overlay, fabrics with sheen or metallic thread, rougher fabrics like tweed — all of these can make a neutral palette more interesting.

Edgy Outfit

3. Animal print is always in style.

Maybe it’s just us, but we loooooove a good animal print! Whether it’s your scarf, your jacket, your t-shirt, your skirt…. If it comes in animal print we want it in our closets. A simple way to edge-up your wardrobe is to include animal print. It gives a bit of a wild vibe, and to be honest, we kinda-sorta-definitely consider it a neutral. (Seriously, it goes with almost anything!)

Edgy leopard pants spiked clutch

4. Metallic is magical.

We love a good metallic jacket, purse, or other bold accessory. Gold, silver, and copper are versatile colors and can be dressed up or down with ease. Think chunky jewelry, or a sequined blazer. Metallic also makes a statement – it shows confidence and boldness, and tells people you’re proud of who you are.

Edgy Metallic Bubble Dress

5. Try something new!

Being edgy is really what you make it. There is such a wide variety of definitions of looking ‘edgy’ so try a few of the ideas above, see what works for you, and make up your own Happy Rebel style! Be sure to check out our Pinterest boards for more inspiration: Street style, jewelry & bags, and shoes.

Edgy Leather Jacket High Tops

Looking for more great tips? Our last blog post, Rebel-Approved Modern Decor, will help you take your edgy, modern style to another level and incorporate it in your home or bedroom, too!

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